Friday, April 16, 2010

MOG Cast Episode 3

The Latest Episode of The MOG Squad Podcast "The MOG Cast" is up for your listening pleasure!

This episode cover a lot of good topics from all over the web related to Massive Multiplayer Online Games.

A Special thank you goes out to Azrael From the Silent Warriors, for helping out and being on the show.

And helping us pick our new theme song.

Show Highlights:

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited News - Turbine Rescinds Offer Wall Due to Player Feedback

General : Rumor: BioShock MMO Coming?

World of Warcraft News - Pet Store Expands With Flying Mount, New Companion Pet

WAR: News - 100% RvR City Siege Details Unveiled

Why do MMOFPS's Fail!

Mage's Review of Battlefield Bad Company 2

MOG Cast Episode 2's interview with Allods Online Darren Allarde. Edited down to just be about Allods.

MOG Cast Episode 1

Check out our first show with GM Sadie, GM Haz, Astral Scholar Ashkir and a special guest from the game Allods Online.